Flavia Creation 200

The new Creation 200 from FLAVIA® is ideal for medium-sized workplaces (15-49 people). Alternatively in larger offices, where several machines are sited, the Creation 200 is the perfect partner to the Creation 400 as an additional brewer in adjacent office areas.

Its cutting-edge design, easy-to-use interface and fresh, quality drinks make it your perfect partner at work.

The freshness they’ll love…

Taste and aroma…It’s all in the brew. FLAVIA’s unique Fresh Release system serves a delicious, fresh cup every time. The water unlocks the sealed fresh pack releasing the aromatic ingredients brewing inside, serving you the perfect drink, time after time.

The sustainability credentials you demand…
Saving energy and money…

  • An energy-saving mode that switches off energy-draining devices, (i.e. the boiler and lights)
  • Only heats enough water for one cup at a time
  • Energy-efficient LED indicators instead of standard filament bulbs

The Creation 200 is your partner in hitting sustainability targets

The convenience and peace of mind you deserve…
The Creation 200 single-serve hot beverage system gives you a convenient and hassle-free solution…

  • It’s reliable and easy to use
  • It’s flexible as it can be plumbed or pour over
  • If unplumbed, the large water tank means less time is spent refilling the tank, so it’s available to use more of the time
  • It’s sleek and stylish design compliments any office space
  • It’s small and compact size allows the flexibility to be placed in most accessible areas within your office
  • A free internal water filter is included, the filter ensures the best possible quality water is used for the freshest tasting drink every time
  • The filter is easy to fit and change, plus you don’t need any extra kits, unlike competitor machines

The choice you want, the expertise you expect…

FLAVIA’s unique 3-step process supports our fresh, quality hot drinks expertise. FLAVIA┬« combines all three steps to deliver the widest range of fresh coffees, teas, chocolate and coffee shop specialitiessomething to suit everyone and every need, every time.

  • First we SOURCE only the freshest and finest ingredients from around the world
  • Then we SEAL in freshness to keep the integrity of our flavors
  • Finally we SERVE a fresh tasting cup full of authentic flavors time and time again