Office Water Services

ION Bottleless Water Cooler


Water Filtration


  • No more heavy lifting
  • No more running out of water
  • No more storage problems
  • No binding contracts
  • Environmentally friendly solution over plastic bottles
  • Replace bottled water coolers to serve almost any need

Quality and Cost Savings

  • The water is filtered to your specifications by the NSF standards
  • The water container and spout is not handled before you drink it
  • The taste is considered the same or better by more than 75% of water drinkers
  • There is one low monthly charge.
  • You are not charged for high consumption
  • No charges for installation
  • Ask your Platinum Coffee Service representative for a price quote

Homeland Water Filter

  • Homeland is the filter manufacturer that Platinum Coffee Service has chosen as our premiere water filter supplier
  • Homeland filters are a patented technology that offers the largest filtration surface area, a long filter life and protection against undetectable failures such as channeling and dumping.
  • Homeland is a half micron pre-coated filter with an impressive 50,000 filter holes
  • The filter is sanctioned by the National Sanitation Foundation and removes lead, cyst, odor, chlorine, asbestos and other harmful contaminants